US DNA, Inc is a US biotechnology products and corporate development company specialized in providing the latest Room Temperature DNA Polymerases and Reagents as well as helping client companies capitalize on the new opportunities made available by US DNA’s competitive edge.

New Room-Temperature Line: US DNA provides the latest technology in its line of Room Temperature DNA Polymerases, dNTP’s, dyes, and supporting products. US DNA’s products offer a unique combination of the latest technology, ease of use/storage, familiar protocols, consistent results and great value. This combination consistently captures a competitive advantage for our clients (including a Who’s Who of top universities, medical centers, research institutions and companies).

Business Development Services: With US DNA’s history in Business Development, US DNA helps clients capture new opportunities in the market through business development strategies customized for each client. This strategic alliance has been a key to expansion for US DNA and its client entities.

US DNA integrates an international network of expertise to offer its clients world-class technology with US reliability and support. At US DNA, we know our clients can not afford to risk problems created by communication or logistics. With US DNA, you are secure with a US provider specialized in international business, corporate strategy and southern hospitality.

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