Welcome to US DNA’s latest technology -- Room Temperature DNA polymerases and reagents. Our client list reads like a Who’s Who of the top entities around the world so you can be comfortable your upgrade to US DNA will be a safe and good decision. Good news for smaller users (under 1 million units), you can now have direct access to wholesale prices without contracting for huge volumes.

Convenience: Have you thought there should be a more convenient and time-efficient way to manage your reaction setup? You were right! US DNA’s Room Temperature products now allow you to do your set up at room temperature, without ice. Welcome to the new level of convenience.

Productivity: Simply keep our Room Temperature enzymes on your desk for up to a month! That applies not only to our enzymes but to all our reagents. If the freezer fails, or it is further from your desk than is convenient, no problem with our Room Temperature technology. Be more productive.

Get Rid Of The Ice:
- Shipping without ice is more cost effective and environmentally friendly.
- No hassles of ice during set up or your experiments.
- No need to worry if the freezer breaks or if you forget the enzyme on the desk


  • I’ve evaluated USDNA’s SequePol against the previously established "gold standards" in our R&D efforts for feasibility. I went from generating 1 million samples in 2 hours of cycling plus 1 hour of set up to 1 billion samples in 3 hours of cycling with less set up time. Because it is so robust it can tolerate more cycles giving us the potential for significant market advantage.
    - Department Director of a public company at a corporate development meeting.

  • I’ve run side-by-side experiments using what was considered the Gold Standards in the industry. Your Hot MultiTaq was clearly superior. To the point that most the others didn’t work for our research demanding such high resolution.
    - University Professor with multiple biotech patents

  • You guys are the greatest. We just love working with you!
    - Division Director, Scientist and Corporate Development Client



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